What Happened to 5 For Friday (5FF)?

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted new 5 For Friday posts recently. This is not an accident and here’s why:

  • I noticed every other post I had was a 5FF post and my site felt cluttered
  • 5FF was an experiment to see what sharing others’ content would do for my own site
  • The number of blogs with weekly link roundup posts has exploded in the last few months and the market is saturated

However, I believe there are positive effects of curating and sharing excellent FI content. You can:

  • continue to learn new techniques and ways of looking at the world
  • build your involvement in the FI community
  • learn how to become a better writer/blogger by example and exposure

For these reasons, I’m not shutting down 5FF! Instead, I’m changing the format.

Going forward, I will curate excellent FI content on my weekly MSoLife Mooseletter! You can sign up by simply adding your e-mail address to the banner hovering above.

What will the Mooseletter include?

The best FI content I can find. I’ll also include other interesting links I’ve found, but I’m sharing only the best of the best. If that means only three links that week, so be it.

The Mooseletter also includes a quick summary of my posts that week, musings on what went on that week (news, financial markets, etc.), and premium subscriber-only content like FI spreadsheets.

Since much of my content has a quantitative tilt, I’m going to share my spreadsheets with you so you can quickly figure out your Money Multiple, what your cost of debt is, and how big your Stealth Stash is.

The Mooseletter also contains info on giveaways, contests,  and other important updates to the MSoLife blog.

Thank you all for supporting this blog and helping to Make Sense of Life! Sign up using the banner above.