how to talk to a live person at experian, moose, msolife

How to Talk to a Live Person at Experian

How to Talk to a Live Person at Experian

A while back I recommended that you freeze your credit. While this advice is still wise and still stands (read the article to find out why), freezing your credit can come with its complications.

Why I Needed to Unfreeze (Thaw?) My Credit

Recently, Mrs. Moose and I bought a house. During the mortgage application process, I unfroze my credit at all three FICO score agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

However, shortly after closing on our house, I encountered issues with my “unfrozen” credit. Despite previously paying $10 to unfreeze my credit (it varies by state), Experian hadn’t lifted my freeze! So when I tried to link my new electric utilities to our address, the utility refused to do it until my freeze was lifted.

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Some people also put their jeans in the freezer. True story.

The Agony of Calling Experian

“Just call this number and ask them to unfreeze your credit,” they said.

I called the number.

I listened to a robot list two options, ad nauseum. Neither option related to me and fixed my issue.

I called another number.

More irrelevant options.

I was nearly at my wit’s end after spending more than three hours navigating my way through various touchtone menus.

Then, the skies parted, and I finally found out how to talk to a live person at Experian!

How to Do It

  1. Call 1-800-493-1058
  2. Press 2, 1, and then 1 to get to a live operator
  3. Wait on hold and listen to twangy bluegrass music for 44 minutes and 54 seconds

Why I’m Writing About This

I feel responsible for any pain I may have caused you for freezing your credit. While it’s the prudent decision to make, it can indeed lead to many frustrating and time-wasting complications. They’re nothing compared to what happens if you are the victim of identity theft, but the extra hassle involved is still unpleasant.

Here you have the cheat code to get through to an actual human being! With this knowledge and about 45 minutes of time to waste (!?!?!), you too can defeat the evil FICO goblins.




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