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Invest or Pay off Debt: Feature at Rockstar Finance!

Invest or Pay Off Debt?

I’m proud to feature today a discussion, a tet-a-tet, and back and forth, between me and Laurie from The Three Year Experiment. Our article is featured today on Rockstar Finance. Go check it out! It’s a valuable discussion.


A Little Preview

Laurie: Why You Should Pay Off Your Debt, Every Time

Pay off your debt, or invest the difference? There are so many arguments on both sides. In the end, the vast majority of people are better off thinking about their behavior. Here’s why I’m convinced that you should pay off all your debt, even your mortgage, as quickly as you can.

Moose: Consider Investing Instead of Paying Down Low-Interest Rate Debt

Automation makes hedging against your worst impulses easier than ever. The math behind compounding interest makes capital efficiency paramount, especially if you’re younger. I advocate investing over paying down low-interest rate debt.

Check out the full article here!

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