Who’s Moose?




I’m a military and finance industry veteran who writes this blog to be of use to my fellow apes. My goals are to become financially independent and retire early (FIRE), lift a metric ass-ton of weight, be useful, and continuously improve, refine, and make sense of life.

I’ve spent years researching these topics and have seen few resources pull these disparate parts of all our lives together in a cohesive way.

My approach to this blog is to be as “open kimono” about everything as I possibly can while still maintaining my anonymity.

Why am I anonymous? I want to be able to write unfiltered.

What’s MSoLife About?

This blog is the living journal of my journey to reach these goals. I distill what I learn into what is most essential, actionable, and effective form so that you, dear reader, can immediately apply what you read and improve one or more aspects of your own life.

One more thing: you are expected to participate! Leave comments, shoot me an e-mail, and find me on social media. Iron sharpens iron.

Who’s MSoLife For?

You are curious about a wide variety of topics but know for certain that your life’s purpose isn’t to toil for someone else.

You know you want to be financially independent (the sooner the better) but you still have questions about how to best get there.

You have a wide variety of interests, are intelligent, and are always curious to find out more.

You want time to enjoy the important things in life with the people closest to you.

Quick & Dirty

  • Born in Europe, lived in Europe, the U.S., a Latin American country, and the U.K.
  • Received U.S. citizenship in high school and, at one point, held three passports
  • Graduated from West Point and served as a Captain in the U.S. Army
  • After a debilitating injury, left the military to study at a top MBA program with a full fellowship
  • Started career in finance as an investment banker at a global bank in Manhattan
  • Left investment banking to work at in the hedge fund and private equity space
  • Focus is now on researching the best investments
  • Meet the world’s smartest investors and sit down with them for 1 hour + conversations on a regular basis
  • Bench press 405 lbs, deadlift 505 lbs, squat 475 lbs. Late to the game with proper squat and deadlift form and I’m now playing catch-up to my bench
  • Have been both poor (growing up) and relatively fortunate (now)
  • Have lived in luxury apartments (don’t do it) and in the hood next-door to a crack dealer
  • Have been a profligate spender (investment banking days…think $3k suits and BMW M5s) and frugal (Costco head to toe, old minivan)
  • Avid photographer who shot fashion and weddings as a side hustle
  • Live with my wife (Mrs. Moose), daughter (Mini Moose), and dog (Moose Hound)