Hi, my name’s Moose. I’m a West Point grad/Army veteran, MBA, and investment researcher. In 2017, I saved and invested $100,000 while paying off $30,000 of debt. I’ll be able to retire by the time I’m 42 and I’m here to show you how to do it too!

My goals are to help you become financially independent and retire early (FIRE), be useful, be wise, and make sense of life. I write about personal finance, health, and philosophy (mostly Stoicism).

My approach to this blog is to be as “open kimono” about everything as I possibly can while still maintaining my anonymity.

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Why am I anonymous?

I want to be able to write unfiltered and without my employer/work colleagues knowing that I plan to bounce in only a few years. It’s also not a good idea to let people know who you are on the Internet if you have a good amount of money.

What’s MSoLife About?

This blog is the living journal of my journey to reach financial independence and retire early.

I distill what I learn or figure out into what is most essential, actionable, and effective form so that you, the reader, can immediately apply what you read and improve one or more aspects of your own life.

One more thing: you are expected to participate! Leave comments, shoot me an e-mail, and find me on social media. Iron sharpens iron.

Who’s MSoLife For?

You’re curious about a wide variety of topics but know for certain that your life’s purpose isn’t to toil for someone else.

You know you want to be financially independent (the sooner the better) but you still have questions about how to best get there.

You have a wide variety of interests, are intelligent, and are always curious to find out more.

You want time to enjoy the important things in life with the people closest to you.

Thank You

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment or share if you find something valuable!