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5 For Friday: The Best FIRE Links of the Week (9/29/17)

5FF is a new feature of and includes the best FIRE links of the previous week.

Occasionally I will also include other links to other topics if I find them interesting and/or helpful. Enjoy!

The 5 Best FIRE Links

As someone dedicated to retiring early, it’s easy to sometimes feel like you’re missing out. You could buy a fast sports car or a giant TV. In this post, the Millenial Money Man does a good job of reminding you what’s important and why we eschew materiality in favor of a better future.

Sam Dogen, the Financial Samurai, uses the great acronym BURL (buy utility rent luxury) to show you a succesful real estate investing strategy he has personally put to work. There’s a lot of data, which I love, and there’s a fantastic chart showing which cities are most likely to have properties rent out for more than their monthly mortgage. As someone who is flirting with the idea of getting back into real estate rentals, I found this post invaluable.

Justin details his recent trip to Malaga, Spain here. While I’m partial to another fellow North Carolinean, this post is a fantastic reminder of why I’m “taking the harder right over the easier wrong” by pursuing FI. This is the kind of trip I want to take with my family (frequently) when I’m retired. I found this post to be a great motivator!

The Physician on Fire delves into the differences between being cheap and being frugal. Basically, cheap people focus on absolute price but frugal people look to maximize VALUE. This is a great reminder to flex your frugal muscles and develop a sense for the nuance between cheapness and frugality.

Mrs. Frugalwoods annihilates the concept of “buy it for life” in this post. She exposes it for what it really is in most cases: an excuse to allow yourself to overspend for something you’re unlikely to actually have for life. If you’re thinking of dropping coin for any big ticket purchases soon, read this post and find out if you’re being prudent or deluding yourself.

By the way, I’ve been sleeping on the same Internet Mattress they reviewed and I’ve never slept this well in my entire adult life. Thanks, Frugalwoods!

That’s All, Folks

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Go forth and conquer the weekend as a slightly wiser version of yourself!

Which post(s) resonated with you most this week? Is there a post that you loved that you think I should check out? Let me know!