5 For Friday: The Best FIRE Links of the Week (11/24/17)

We’ve got a great set of posts from this week! For many reasons, these posts honestly spoke to me. Without further ado….

The 5 Best FIRE Links

When Thanksgiving is Every Day

This post by Jason (Mr. Free at 33) is excellent at refocusing us on this FI journey. What do you do once you’ve reached FI? One good start is to be grateful, and Jason is thankful every day for the life that FI has enabled him to live. Read this post and imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve cut the cord and can live your life without a job.

The Least Sexy Things About Being a Full-Time Entrepreneur

In this post, MMM highlights the unsexy side of entrepreneurship. It’s not all fun and games! I believe it requires the right temperament to work long-term.

Mr. Money Mustache, Uber Driver

In this post, the original MMM details his adventures with Uber. I have a related post coming next week (he beat me to the punch!), but as always I enjoyed reading Pete’s thorough and well-written post.

FI Action Series: Tracking Your Net Worth

Chris from Apathy Ends set up a fantastic series called the FI Action Series. All the meat, none of the fat. It’s direct, practical, and has a meaningful impact on your financial life if you follow the steps. I’ve meticulously tracked my net worth for a year and some change, and this post explains how Chris does it, and why. I’ve recently begun adding my net worth to this site (look to the right, or scroll to the bottom if you’re on mobile). While my net worth is likely to continue decreasing while I’m “funemployed”, I said in my About Me that I’m all about transparency.

Just Because Someone Has More Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have Enough

Mr. Groovy puts it all into perspective here. I subscribe to the Stoic philosophy, and a large part of that means having gratitude for what you have as well as realizing that you don’t need more. Mr. Groovy does the same here with an inspiring example about Hannibal, a jacked mofo in Queens who got into fantastic shape with nothing but a neighborhood park and pure grit. Read it and be inspired!

That’s All, Folks

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Go forth and conquer the weekend as a slightly wiser version of yourself!

Which post(s) resonated with you most this week? Is there a post that you loved that you think I should check out? Let me know!


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