5 For Friday: The Best FIRE Links of the Week (10/13/17)

5FF is a new feature of MSoLife.com and includes the best FIRE links of the previous week.

Occasionally I will also include other links to other topics if I find them interesting and/or helpful. Enjoy!

The 5 Best FIRE Links


This week, Dan at Fly By Money introduces a new feature about the worst financial advice he has received. We tend to focus on what we SHOULD do in the FI blogosphere, but there is an equal amount of value in learning what NOT to do. It’s a great post and it reminded me that efficiency is something that should never be ignored. Beat Navy.


Breakfast burritos are something I dream about since I’ve been unable to eat them for almost a year (ketogenic diet). Immediately, this post had my attention. It then follows up by delivering some wisdom about making every bit of extra income count. Sadly, no burritos were delivered.


Justin galivants around Spain with his family. I regret not visiting Spain while I lived in Europe and Justin’s posts give me serious wanderlust. He’s going to a lot of places I want to go to someday and I personally find his posts to be motivational: his lifestyle is one of many reasons I’m following the FI path.


One day, I’ll embrace minimalism again. It’s currently somewhat difficult with a toddler, but I do fondly remember packing all of my earthly belongings into one very small car. Jason counts not just his net worth, but the quality of his life. This quality is supported by non-material possessions. As the post title says, it’s not just about money.


First off, congrats to Mr and Ms. ONL for coming out of the FI closet! I’ll do the same one day, but that day is a few years off. This post deals with a very serious topic and reminds you not to count on social security. I wrote an in-depth post about this recently and it pleases me that other people aren’t relying on this dubious promise to secure their futures.

That’s All, Folks

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Go forth and conquer the weekend as a slightly wiser version of yourself!

Which post(s) resonated with you most this week? Is there a post that you loved that you think I should check out? Let me know!